Friday, 1 March 2013


So I said I would post photos from our holiday trip to Germany/England. Here is a little selection of photos from the Germany part of our Christmas holidays. Enjoy!

Downtown Munich.

Downtown Munich.

Munich city hall.

At a Christmas market. You can buy wurst (sausage) from here!

At the medieval Christmas market. Spaetzel: eggy noodles, saurkraut, and bacon. Yum!

Downton Munich, heading to the Christmas markets.

The White Rose memorial outside the university.

Baby Jesus (nativity) Christmas market.

Out on a Gluhwein/Appfelpunsch run.

Yes, this is what you think it is! At the Munich train station.

On the train, headed for the mountains!

In Salzburg, Austria.

Unicorn! In Salzburg.

Heh heh heh.

In Salzburg. Stunning.

Place a lock on the bridge with your love.

In Nuremburg.

Church in Nuremburg.

I love the statues in Europe!

At the international section of the Christmas market in Nuremburg.

The original Christmas market, in Nuremburg, the largest in Germany.

The Nuremburg fortress.

A door in the fortress.


In Lenggries on a beautiful day.

The river that runs through Lenggries to Munich.

No photoshopping ya'll! A statue on the bridge in Lenggries.

In Lenggries.

Mountains in Lenggries!

The German Alps.


Trevor and Brian, his cousin, at the top of a mountain in Lenggries.

The ceiling of a church. Ridonkulous.

Same church. UNESCO World Heritage site.

The secret love child of McDonald's and Burger King.

Some small town we passed through.

King Ludwig's summer home.

A monastery in Germany. The monks still brew all sorts of beer and schnapps and the like. Built in 1300s.

Inside the monastery, the ceiling.

Inside the monastery. Amazing.

Decorating the outside of the confessional. Love it!

Outside the monastery.

Inside BMW World. HA!

After the hockey game.

At Konigsee, the King's Lake.



Just outside of Konigsee.
Just outside of Konigsee.

A fountain that depicts a dog pooping and puking. HA.
And with that lovely note to end on. I hope you enjoyed! I highly recommend going to Germany, especially during Christmas while the markets are all open. It was our second time going, and although we will probably try some new places before we head back, we will certainly be going back. You haven't eaten a pretzel until you've had one in Germany!

Where was your last vacation? What did you do? Any recommendations?

{Long after you're gone}


  1. Wonderful photos! I would love to visit someday.

    <3 Melissa

    1. I highly recommend Salzburg in Austria! It was my favourite place on the trip.