Monday, 18 March 2013

Grow Write Guild

Hey, did you know that Gayla Trail, over at You Grow Girl, is starting a Grow Write Guild? Gayla will be posting a writing prompt every two weeks, starting tomorrow, that has to do with gardening. Even if you don't have a blog, but you have a garden, it would be a great little exercise in reflecting on your growing successes and failures. I'm looking forward to it!

 When I first started gardening, Gayla's book, You Grow Girl! was the first (and only) gardening book I purchased, and it has made a world of difference in my love of gardening. Not only is she local (-ish, she is from Toronto, but she is still a Canuck!), but her book makes gardening ACCESSIBLE to young people. Because it is not just old retired ladies who enjoy growing stuff! I highly recommend it if you are thinking of growing something, in a pot, in a garden plot, fruits, veggies, flowers, whatever! And I also highly recommend you start growing something even if you aren't thinking about it already. This is always a good start.

I love gardening, but sometimes find it difficult to put things into words properly, so this will be a good exercise for me. If you enjoy gardening, you should join us!

Do you garden already? What do you grow?

{Ahhhhh spring....}


  1. Good for you! I would love to start a garden, it looks like fun ;)

    1. You should! It is very relaxing, yet challenging at the same time. There is nothing quite as exciting as starting fruit and vegetable plants in March when it is still snowing and having them pop out of the soil one by one.