Wednesday, 20 February 2013

All The Small Things

Just before Christmas, I made a bunch of little things for people's presents! Wanna see? I know, I know. That was almost two months ago. But still! Well, here they are! (Just forgive the poor quality photos, I was trying to take these while the gift receivers were in the house...I had to work quickly!)

For my in-laws, I made these cute little hand warmers:
 They were super easy to make. I just made a square on my kraft paper for my pattern piece, ensuring that it had a seam allowance around the edges.
 Then I cut out four pieces of cotton fabric, using my pattern, for each set of warmers (fabric choice is important, as I learned, as synthetics sweat in the microwave which means your hand warmers become hand burners). I also cut out four pieces of some leftover cotton batting to line the inside of the warmers with.
 Then I put the two pieces of fabric right sides together, placing the cotton batting on the outsides. I sewed it up leaving a two inch space on one of the sides. I clipped the edges and used the two inch space to turn the fabric right side out.
 Then I grabbed a funnel and added some rice to the inside. I was careful not to overfill the bags. I still needed to close them up.
 Then, squeezing all the rice to one side of the pouch, I sewed a quick line to close the two inch gap! And that's it! Easy-peasy.
The warmers can be placed in the microwave for thirty seconds or so (depending on your microwave settings), and either placed in your pockets, or they can be placed in your gloves or boots to "pre-warm" them before heading out. Oh! And did I mention they can be used as cold packs too? They can!

I also made my mother-in-law a cute little tote to match her hand warmers. I followed the free Craftsy class on bag making basics. I have to say, it was the first time I have followed every. single. instruction. during sewing, and not skipped a step and it turned out amazing! Maybe I should follow all the steps more often! Don't judge me.
The outside of the tote.
The inside of the tote. That's right, reversible!
 Isn't it cute?!It reminds me of Kate so much. I just love the ice cream cones! Ever since I've made this, I've been thinking more and more how lovely an ice cream cone dress would be for the summer months. We'll see.

I also made this cute little pin cushion for my aunt, who likes to quilt.
 This was pretty darn easy to make as well. I just took a little jewellery box, filled it with a bunch of fabric scraps that I have been hoarding, and topped it with a few layers of cotton batting that I have leftover. Then I took a large enough scrap piece of fabric, placed my box upside down in the centre, and used a hot glue gun to close it like I was wrapping a present. Finally, I glued the ribbon in place and voila! Cute little pin cushion. I saw the tutorial on Pinterest, but can't seem to find the link for it. If you see it, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due!

I still have to take some photos of a few other gifts I made, so when I do, I'll put those up. In other news, here is a picture of Harley being adorable while trying to sleep on the couch in the sun:
Did you make anyone gifts for Christmas? Will you this year?


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    1. Thanks so much! They are all freebie templates!