Sunday, 9 December 2012

Wedding Refashion!

Hello all!

Here is a quick little refashion that I did for my cousin's wedding at the end of October. I won't get into too much detail, but here is what I started with:

I bought this dress from Le Chateau in 2001! That's right, I've held onto this bad boy for over ten years! I bought it in December with my aunt for semi formal. I've always liked the dress but clearly, it is not the most figure flattering dress I own. Those straps and that straight neckline do NOTHING for me.

The dress is a cheap stretchy bright red fabric (I think a polyester), with a lace overlay.

Since I am not buying any clothing for a year, I could not buy a dress for the wedding. I had a few other options for dresses that I could alter, but this one was the fastest dress to fix.

First, I cut off the straps. That felt good. Then I took a strapless bra that I have and sewed the dress to it. I wanted more of a revealing neckline so I literally followed the shape of the bra as I sewed. Then, I grabbed a black sash I already own to add some definition to my waist and voila! New dress and lots of compliments:

 Sorry for the crappy photos. The hall was super dark and so this is the best shot we got. I had to Photoshop the heck out of this to make it this bright. I'm pretty sure I am slouching here as well, probably because I didn't think this photo would turn out, just like all the others. HA joke's on me. 

Anyway, it turned out pretty decent for a dress I would never have worn otherwise. Better than the pictures would have you believe, anyway. Not bad. Now, back to trying to get Christmas presents made without spreading my disgusting germs all over them. And mucous. No one wants a mucous-y surprise at Christmas.  Ugh, I feel like death. See you soon with some admissions brought on by the lovely Sunni.



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