Saturday, 8 September 2018



In keeping with my promises of not giving a flying f*ck as to how often I post, here I am after a very extended absence.

I'm still sewing, though not as much (not for lack of wanting but lack of time), I've picked up a few other hobbies along the way (namely embroidery, painting, and printmaking), I've gotten a smartphone (!!!!!) and have fallen into the instagram rabbit hole head first (oh boy), but I'm still here.

I thought since I've gotten a good jolt to my sew-jo these past few weeks that I would get back to posting my makes on here. I really do enjoy and miss this blogging community.
The temperatures have dropped dramatically in Niagara basically overnight. We've gone from 40 degrees with the humidex, literally not able to peel the layers of clothing off fast enough after work, to 16 degrees and ready for everything fall and Halloween.
I picked up the Ebony pattern from Closet Case Patterns after some humming and hawing (I think last year's Black Friday Sale? That's usually when I pick them up). I can't remember why I didn't pick it up when it came out but I'm glad I eventually did.
The pattern is easy and quick. Fitted through the arms and shoulders and immediately flares out. Perfect for pasta.
I cut a straight size 8 based on my bust measurements in view A, jewel neckline and long sleeves.
I picked up this navy stretch velvet in Montreal over the March Break funnily enough, so this dress is extra Montreal. I think I may have actually seen Heather walking on the street the first day we got in to Montreal too, but was too tired to randomly yell "Heather!" and see if I was right or not.
The fabric has the perfect 90s fall vibe (just a tiny bit witchy/Halloweeny/gothy, a lot a bit comfy cozy), and I'm really happy I went with this pattern and fabric together. I was overly worried that the neckline binding would be too stretchy so I used hem tape to stabilize it just a bit, which ended up making it not stretchy enough (I had to fight with it, go figure haha).
I mean, honestly, I don't have a ton to say about this make because it was so simple. But that's okay. Simple can be good. Simple is good. If you are thinking about this, go for it, I am honestly glad I did. I may end up making some more winter Ebonys at some point, maybe even more velvet ones, and I look forward to swishing around in this one this fall and winter.
 My only regret is forgetting to put in pockets 😭. #IcouldunpickitbutIwont #nexttime

It's been a while since we've taken pictures for a blog post and it showed. So here you go, my usual, just trying to #keepitreal:
Yes, I am a human. This is how we non-robots hold our arms.

Please share! What have you all been working on for fall?

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