Sunday, 12 November 2017

Not falling off the face of the earth...

...or at least I'm trying not to.

As you can see I've been working really hard to make my "two posts a year" comment a reality LOL! I have actually done quite a bit of sewing this year, though the majority of it was for a school play. I've also had a few side projects for friends that I've worked on, and add to that a full semester of school, plus summer school, taking a course myself, and a teaching contract in a new subject, naturally, and that has left only a little time for me sewing. (Okay, I'll get real and be honest--Game of Thrones and Stranger Things took up a bit of my time this year too.)

I've also taken on a position as Artistic Director with a local improv company that is just starting up (I feel super pretentious saying that, but it is exciting nonetheless).

Although I don't have photos to show you of all my favourite makes from the past, like, year (no, really.), I did manage to take some shots of a project I worked on on the side.

A teacher I worked with last year at the most lovely small community school wanted me to make his son a towel with a hood since he was growing out of his current post-pool garb. After some deliberation, he decided he wanted one too and that they were both to be made up of the Armenian flag (after his ancestry).

His son's was just a simple square with a triangle added for the hood section as per the original. I essentially made a quilt (I even quilted the layers so it wouldn't shift when washed), but without the layer of batting in between. I decided to bind the whole thing in the corresponding colours because it would look nicer:

For his, I did essentially the same thing, but I put the hood from my Cascade Duffle coat on it in the biggest size (he said he wanted a BIG hood, very analogy, not his). I just sewed this to the quilt-towel and then bound all the layers together (a bitch to do but looks nice). I also had the forethought this time to put in little thumb tabs (for ultimate superheroing), and a tab at the neck for hanging it up (also a bitch to do...I had to sew this sucker in like five times...ugh):

And that's it for today, folks! Do you take commissions or do you prefer to just sew for fun?

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