Saturday, 27 June 2015

Fun Summer Tee

I can't believe it has been over a month already since the last post! I have been doing a ton of sewing and almost nothing to show for it (yet). Plus, let's be honest, May and June in teacher world is hella busy.


So how are you doing? Good? That's great to hear! :D
A while back, when we decided I would make my mom her mother's day top, we also decided I would do the same for my mother-in-law. For the record, I have the best MIL. The very first time I met her, she was very welcoming and easy to get along with. It was almost like she was family already, which I suppose is pretty lucky!
I'm actually a little embarrassed to put this picture up because of that terrible top stitching (seriously, the underside looks neat and straight!), but I'm just trying to keep it real.
I was planning on making another Hot Cocoa (versions one, two, three), but when I gave my mom hers, I realized she basically can't wear it for another few months until it cools down again. So, I just happened to see the Fun Summer Tee on Life by Ky that she made for her mom and thought it would be a great breezy tee for my MIL. Added bonus: it is a free pattern.
This photo makes the neckline look wobbly but it's not. I just couldn't be bothered to fix this. I was frantically taking these photos before leaving for work.
I decided to use the same charcoal gray Ponte de Roma as on my mom's Hot Cocoa's sleeves and neck binding for the front of the tee, and after an unsuccessful trip to Fabricland, I used some thin pastel striped jersey (I think it is a jersey, I am completely guessing), that my sister gave me for the back. I also decided it needed something more and gave it a sweet little pocket on the front in the striped jersey.
I love how it turned out!!! I think it looks really great, and I think that it is cool that with each project I complete, I can see real progress in my sewing skills (especially when people don't know that it is handmade at first). I did size this up, only because I didn't have my MIL's measurements on hand and I would hate for it to be too small (I'd rather it be a loose, flowy top than a too-tight-top), but I don't think I would need to if I made her another.
Please do share: What have you been sewing for summer?

{Enjoy the start of summer :)}

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