Monday, 9 March 2015

Carolyn. And balls. Mostly balls.

Holla! Hope your week is going well. Mine was, well, it's a new week, right? I honestly can't tell you what came first, the Carolyn Pajama pattern from the amazing Heather Lou at Closet Case Files, or the idea to make myself some kitchy shorts for the upcoming slo-pitch season, but, what I can tell you is that these babies are awesome!
The pattern is beautifully drafted. Really, even though my printer tried to print everything all unevenly, the shorts came together absolutely beautifully. The stars (and notches) all aligned! Actually, that's not true, the waistband was a bit big, but again, I blame the printer. Asshole.
I made a straight size 16 to fit my booty, no muslin, and although they are super comfy, I think I will make these a size smaller if I make myself some actual pjs. That, or I might take some fabric out in the centre back seam. Or maybe just grade at the waist. Something.
But regardless, these will be great for running the bases in (I say that like it happens often....bwahahahaha!). I don't know why I wanted baseball shorts with baseballs on them, but, there ya go. I spent about $18 on the quilting fabric and thread. The elastic, buttons, and pocket fabric were in my stash. I really like this pocket design!
Also: While these were in planning stages, I asked Trev two or three times if he wanted me to make him baseball shorts too. He said yes. So before running out to get the fabric, I said, "You realize when I say baseball shorts, I mean shorts with little baseballs all over them....right?" HAHAHA Yeah, the answer was a resounding no. Proof that sometimes what makes sense in my head isn't always clear to others.
On an unrelated note, if you like movies, go see Kingsman! I've seen it twice and it is so much fun! Like the more I think about it, the more I think it might replace Hot Fuzz for most watched movie in our household this year (only time will tell). In case it wasn't obvious, I like action movies that don't take themselves too seriously and that take place in Britain? Apparently I have a specific niche?
Special shout out to my sister who took these photos for me :)
I also made Bluegingerdoll's pinup scarf pattern to match. 'Cause I'm cool like that. Or something.
Also: Dog Lady Sewing Challenge! One more week! Eek! And don't forget, we have prizes!

{Instant sewing/dancing motivation!}


  1. You Rock! And are of course guaranteed to have the cutest and most fashion forward shorts of our team!