Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Holy cow it's March! We are 1/6th of the way through the calendar year. Crazy! I feel like this year only just started. Regardless, I feel like I've been such an inconsistent blogger this past year that it wasn't really worth doing a year in review/goals for 2015 post like everyone else. Now that we are this far into the year, I have been thinking more about the rest of 2015. I am in a classroom that I feel much better prepared for, I am no longer taking any online courses, my computer is broken (no Internet to waste the evening away on), and basketball season is now sadly over, which means that this year I will have a lot more time to spend sewing. 
(At first I wore this plain, now I love how it looks with a collared shirt)
This has led to me doing much more thinking about what it is that I actually want to sew. I love pretty dresses and I have a ton of fabric just itching to be made into pretty dresses. And to be honest, I actually do get a lot of wear out of the dresses both at work, and out and about. Even in the winter I will throw on some tights and head out in a flirty frosting skirt. BUT. When it feels like minus thirty with the windchill, all I want is cake. I want all the Brontes, and Lindens, and Ensis Tees, and Archers (LANA!!!!!!!!!), and, of course, Hot Cocoas. I want all the lovely graphic, and yes, even plain fuzzy fabrics, and I want all the ribbing too.
(Surprisingly not the most ridiculous photo taken.)
This sweater was an attempt to ease some of that neediness screaming for all the warmth. Let's call it my Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows. Warm and soothing for the soul, with a little bit of sugary sweetness for kicks.
(Without button up...looks like something is missing)
I made this, from cutting it out to finishing it, all on one lazy Sunday, which for me, is a big deal. And it wasn't even a rushed deal. I was doing dishes and laundry and taking breaks like nobody's business!
I wanted a replacement for my original Hot Cocoa, which I literally wear the heck out of. Like I've said, it has grease splatter on the front and I don't care, I still wear that sucker. Nothing new to report, I made the same change of lengthening it by about 3 inches. I've already worn the heck out of this one too. It must be love.

("Please, just put me down.")
On a very vaguely related note, if you are part of the Crazy Dog Lady Sewing Challenge: less than two weeks to go! Weeeeee! Don't forget we have prizes!
OOH! And let's get back into this: best picture award goes to..........

("Hey, can you get in there so I can test the lighting?"..."Sure!")
Please do tell: what are you into right now, frosting, or cake?

{Completely unrelated but hilarious...Rolling Sarcophagi}


  1. lifeinamadshouse6 March 2015 at 11:49

    THANK YOU FOR THE ARCHER REFERENCE. My god, that show is just...everything. And so quotable in everyday life!

    Re: the need to focus on basics ("cake"), I can completely relate! I really, really need more everyday separates that can work for the office, especially tops. I just have no time to do anything about it!! And now that winter is coming to an end (Wait...it is going to end, right?? O_o) priorities (and the stash!) must be shuffled. Now if we could just get several more hours added to each day, I'll be all set! xD

  2. Hahahaha Well thanks for appreciating my reference Krieger-san! More cocaine?!

    I know, time is such a huge issue for me too. I almost wish there were two of me. One to do all the sewing and the other to do everything else! Winter going to end? I suppose that is yet to be determined, but it certainly does not feel like it yet. If you figure out how to get more hours, please let me in on your secret :)