Monday, 2 February 2015

In which I show you something that is late....really late.

So....this is embarrassing. I spoke with Sara of The Pretty Pickle back in, August 2013 was it?, about doing some Sew Bossy (Or, "your demand-sew thing", as Trev likes to call it). After a long series of get-to-know-you e-mails, everything was in the mail and on its way. At the beginning of October, a package came in the mail. Huzzah! Not much supply teaching was going on so I hammered through most of it pretty quickly (for me). By mid-October, I just had to re-insert the zipper and hem it up.

It sat around, loitering on my chair in my dining room. Finally, about the beginning of November (-ish) I managed to put that damn zipper in.

So I just had to take pictures.



.....I took me until July of last year to take pictures, and after that Sara and I couldn't connect. I'm going to go ahead and stick it up anyways because I'm OCD and don't like that it is sitting in my posts column under drafts.

I suppose better (really ridiculously) late than never, right?

So here goes, my Sew Bossy skirt: the late pickle skirt.

The skirt is Burda 6979.

The skirt was truly a breeze to sew up and I think the fabric really helped here. It is a medium weight something or other. Feels almost like a canvas. Pressed like a dream. Clearly I did not pay much attention to pattern placement, but with so many pieces, I couldn't be bothered to. And that's okay with me.

This was my first time working with a Burda pattern. Overall I thought the instructions were clear. The only thing that was unclear was the sizing. I am used to the sizing being on the outside of the package and got really confused by the Burda package. Well, let's be honest, part of it was really just me being too lazy to actually look through the package thoroughly enough to find the information I needed. So by the time I found it, I had already cut out the wrong size. It is still a bit too big, but I'll have time to take it in now that it is summer break.
The fabric isn't something that I would normally gravitate towards, but I really like how the colours remind me of autumn, my favourite season. And it pairs perfectly with this brooch that I've had for ages and never wear!

A few notes on things that I am proud of:
1. I caved and bought an invisible zipper foot and so this zipper looks so freakin' profesh! I had to try twice to put it in because the first time I had actually sewn so close to the zipper that it was impossible to close. I'm glad I took my time here and didn't end up with another massive eff-up like on my princess skirt. I can actually show people this one and be proud instead of trying to hide it!
I don't really know what is up with that pulled black thread so ignore that please.

2. I took my time with the seams. After I sewed each seam together I pressed the seam open and then stitched it down. I really like how this emphasizes each seam, especially on a skirt like this with so many different seams.

Because of that, the inside looks quite nice really:

I think I'd like to use something a bit drapier for this pattern next time. (Is drapier a word? Should it be drapey-er?) I think that would be nice with the flounciness of the skirt. (I am just making words up now.)

Overall, I'm quite pleased with how everything turned out. I normally tend to gravitate towards simple designs and I think this is the first floral I own, but at the same time, I think it works with quite a few things I already have in my wardrobe. I'm really looking forward to taking it in and wearing it out!

Thanks again Sara for your ridiculous patience with this crazy teacher! And thanks for bossing me around my machine! It has been fun. :)

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