Saturday, 24 January 2015

In which I show you a very ugly ensemble.

So....I realize that this is a month after Christmas, but what can I say? The holidays were busy. I remember reading last year, or maybe the year before to not let blogging get in the way of real life. So I don't. Deal with it! (I am starting to think I should have called this blog "deal with it").

After seeing the Refashionista's freakin' amazing ugly sweater ball gown, I was inspired to say the least.
I wanted to do something similar for my school's tacky sweater parade during the last week of school, so off to the thrift store I went! And look what I found!
That's right. It's motherfreakin' T-REX time!
Apparently, with enough stretch, one should not discount the children's section when in search of clothing.

Well what did you wear with the most amazing Christmas sweater ever, Carlee? you might ask. I thought this was inspired by the REfashionista, one might point out.

Well am I ever glad you asked.
WHEEE! Look at me using technology!
That's right. I made an ugly sweater skirt! I knew I wouldn't have enough time to make a fancy ball gown, so I just cut the sweaters into wedges, sewed them together and evened out the hem afterwards.

Now, because I don't really have a serger (I do but don't ask), I needed to make sure my dress would not come undone in front of a room full of teenagers. I had some fusible hem tape on hand that I painstakingly fused around each cut end like binding before zigzagging over.

Like so.
The guts.

I used some thick black elastic from my stash to make an easy waistband. The skirt is kind of weird where the seams are real bulky, but meh, it's not like I'm wearing this to look nice or anything.

I wish I could say that I wore this cute little poinsettia with my outfit at school, but I didn't have this until Christmas day. And since I'm all about keeping it real and honest here, I'm going to tell you that this is not attached to a clip but rather a clothes pin and it pulled a good chunk of hair out right after this picture when I took it out.

Imma gonna call this my "Chandra" face.
Here are a few more detail shots of the skirt.

Nothing else really to write about this so I'll leave you with one more shot of the awesomeness that is T-rex.

Don't forget to come back Wednesday for an exciting announcement!

{Ohhhhh the nineties}


  1. A truly amazing find on the t-rex sweater! The skirt is hilarious and adorable. :) I'm starting to think I should get some wide elastic like that, just to have, because I keep seeing bloggers save the day with it, just pulling it out of the ol' stash. It worked great for you!

  2. Yes! It is super useful! My local fabric store went out of business :( but I managed to get some amazing steals and this elastic was one of them. It is nice for when you are feeling too lazy to do a lot of fitting (or if you know that you will be eating a lot of pie in the upcoming weeks haha). Highly recommend.