Wednesday, 21 January 2015

In which I show you my birthday outfit.......AHEM

I SWEAR I WON'T BE NAKED IN THIS POST. Sorry if that is what you were searching for on Google.

I finished this dress back in October for my birthday. I knew that Trev and I were going to be going to Toronto to see the Book of Mormon with some people and wanted something special to wear. I actually used it as a wearable muslin of sorts for the much anticipated squirrel dress (I am still too frightened to cut into that fabric). Well, boy am I glad I made this version before the squirrel fabric version because, uhm, I've learned some things.

(Also: sorry, most of these photos are blurry. It is "feels like minus fifteen" outside now that I have the time to take photos. So...NOPE.)

I used Simplicity 1873 for this one, first making two muslins. I just adore Cynthia Rowley's patterns and was lucky enough to pick up a TON for $1 when my local fabric store closed its doors for good in October :(.

I think I cut it in a size eight? I made some changes to the waist and bust darts, as I have found I usually need to. I think I also probably took in the top off the zipper a bit and let it out near the waist a bit. Lazy lady turtle hacks I suppose.

I also added pockets, just using the Simplicity 2444 pattern cause I'm lazy, and hey, why reinvent the wheel?
I completely lined the dress in a green fabric that my sister gifted me. (She gifted me a ton of her fabrics from when she went to school for fashion design). Although it doesn't require it, I lined the skirt too, but I just made a simple dirndl-style skirt because, whatever, it works.

I used store-bought bias tape for the bottom, and I was planning on using that to hem it up, but Trev said he likes it and I rather do too, so for now it stays.

I was supposed to try pattern matching but after taking in and letting out the zipper, meh. I usually wear my dresses with a cardigan anyway.
For the bow belt, I used Tilly's tutorial again, but this time I enlarged the whole thing to be wider and bigger. I likes my bows big! I think I need to take it in a bit though, it is a bit loose.

I've had this fabric for ages, it is probably a cotton poplin, super light. I love the navy and polka dots. I've noticed that I wear a lot of navy and gray, so expect me to be wearing more of those colours on this blog.

My biggest problem with this dress is that I like my dresses to fit like a second skin. I did, luckily achieve that in the bodice, but with a bit of room for, you know, breathing. Unfortunately, when that translates to sleeves, well, problems occur.

So, uh.......this is as far as I can move my arms sideways....... :/

And this is how high I can move them up and down..... :/ :/

CLEARLY I need to make my dresses with more ease if I want sleeves. Womp womp. Live and learn. I have since cut those damn sleeves off (it was SO satisfying!), and plan on using some more bias tape to finish the armholes. Until then, I'm a classy lass who wears this dress with unfinished armholes under sweaters. I might try to throw up some photos once that is done but seeing as it takes me ages to do anything on here, I probably won't.
HA deal with it. (I'm feeling quite sassy today).

It is worth mentioning though, that I really do like this pattern and will likely make it again soon. :)

In other news, something very exciting is going to happen around here starting January 28th, so stay tuned! :D

{Be nice to your dog}


  1. This is so cute. Like a grown-up Minnie Mouse! And so jealous you got to see Book of Mormon. It was playing in Montreal but I missed my chance to get tickets and whined about it for weeks afterward.

  2. Hahahaha my sister said the exact same thing to me when she saw this (though I am still trying to figure out if she meant it as a compliment). And if Mormon comes back, go and see it. As soon as you possibly can. I want to see it again about ten more times. It was the funniest thing I have seen in a LONG time! A slick and highly offensive piece of theatre with the catchiest goddamn tunes you'll hear.