Wednesday, 8 October 2014

In which I show you the most Scottish/Canadian thing you'll see all day.

Here is my very Canadian/Scottish husband wearing not one but TWO PLAIDS.
And he loves it.

(I can't decide if this is more Canadian or Scottish. I guess it would depend on whether or not he has a sporran or a hockey stick as an accessory.)

I made this Negroni back in February for him for Valentines day. Admittedly, it is a wee bit small (he has Scottish shoulders, and the wristband thingys [Why you no work, brain?!] are too tight), so it doesn't get too much wear. But with the sleeves rolled up, it's not too bad.
I wasn't thinking when I picked out a fabric for the plackets and lining. I should have picked something simpler. Trev isn't a "polka dot" kinda guy and I didn't think it through enough to realize that the polka dot would definitely show. But that's okay. He can wear this around the house and I'd be happy with that. He already wore it camping. Hooray! Next time he can help pick out the fabric.
I'm really happy with how the topstitching turned out, especially on the pocket! I really took my time with this one, probably because it wasn't me who would be wearing it (not that I haven't already worn it haha).

I also tried my hand at embroidering and really like how it turned out!
Trev is from a smaller town that is about a three hour drive from here (just outside of Muskoka), and so he always compares life in the Falls to life in the "north", so I think of him as my northern boy.
I really effed up stitching the lining down in the inside back, but sorry, not sorry, I was not unpicking it. It is somewhat noticeable, even with the plaid, but that's okay.

The pattern was really easy to follow, considering this is probably the most complicated thing I've made. I think I'll end up making more, but probably not as quickly as my Nettie. That's okay. Trev's not a picky guy.

Nothing else really to say about construction or fit (obviously I'll be going up a size next time), so please enjoy this pictures of Trevor very seriously modelling his shirt for you:

"Blue Steel"
"Le Tigre"

Please share: Have you made anything for your man?


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