Saturday, 27 September 2014

In which I show you my most favourite shirt EVER.

I'd like to introduce you to my favourite sweater, the Hot Cocoa from Dixie DIY. This top is my homeboy. It's my BFF. My One True Love. (In terms of my closet!)

I first saw it on Marie at A Stitching Odyssey and fell in love. I had never downloaded a pattern before, AND I had never tried a knit. I felt like this would change all that.

Someone's gotta keep an eye on the dog, amirite?
I made this back in January I think? Somehow, with being on an LTO (teacher talk for a job) while working a night job I found time to do this, and then I got the other LTO so I didn't have time to take pictures (though I had LOTS of time to wear this).

K, imma gonna stop ya right here and just say, I look cranky in most of the following pictures. I'm not cranky, it was way too cold to wear these shorts but for some reason I wanted to wear these shorts for the shoot. So I didn't smile much. I don't know. Just deal with it haha.

I literally wear this multiple times a week. I can wear it to supply teach or I can wear it just puttering around the house. It is PERFECT. There I said it. It is super comfy, and was wicked easy to sew up. In terms of construction, I followed Marie and added three extra inches. I didn't think my principal would like the belly-baring look.

For being my first attempt at knits, I think it turned out pretty damn good. And that stripe matching where the raglan sleeve meets the bodice--totally accidental!! SHUT. UP. (Just don't look at my left side seam please.)
Right side seam, again totally acciden---I mean I MEANT to do that. ;)
I have gotten paint, grease, you name it on this bad boy but she's a survivor. It's like the sweater knows that it is my soul mate. Awwww.

I got this ponte knit at my local fabric store. I think it was about $21 a metre? It was a really long time ago, I can't remember. Totally worth it though.

I just picked up a black and white stripe ponte knit and so I might make me another one of these now that the fall weather is here. Alternately, I might use up my leftover Nettie fabric. I definitely have enough to whip one up.

If you haven't made one of these sweet babies yet, I highly recommend. Came together super quick once everything was cut out. If you've never made a knit, this is definitely one to jump right in with.

And, as per usual (I feel like this is becoming a "thing"), best shot of the day:
I think the best part is how smug I look about accidentally blinking hahaha.

Have you tried the Hot Cocoa yet?

{It will make your day more than my shirt makes my day.}


  1. What a fabulous sweater!! It looks fantastic on you and I am so jealous that you have been able to find striped ponte knit! I've only solids at my Fabricland.

  2. Thank you so much! I practically live in this thing, truly. And that's crazy! Fabricland Niagara must be hoarding all the stripes or something.

  3. So cute! I'm always searching for good striped ponte knits. Also, your hair! I love the purple. :)

  4. Aha! That's where I need to go! I've been to the huge one in Welland (love it) but not Niagara.

  5. Thanks! I know, I had enough for about half of another one and it took my local fabric store until this month to finally get their stripe pontes back out!

  6. Thank you!! It means a lot coming from you! :) As for the tea mug, I took my cue from your photos (though I can't have hot cocoa--dairy/sugar allergy).