Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Well, hello there, 2014!

I know, I know, I always say it: things are crazy around here. You must be sick of hearing about it. I don't blame you.

September was fairly relaxing, we had two weeks off before supply teaching started off. It was nice to spend time with the hubs just sort of "gettin' 'er done". Then, Trev got shingles. Supply work was busy, but I could manage the cooking and cleaning (okay, just the cooking), alone while he recuperated.

Gotta hand-stitch that waistband down.

Then, he had an interview. There goes our weekend. ("What three items do you think exemplify what makes you an excellent teacher?")

Then I had an interview. And I got it. (Gotta hand-stitch that waistband down.) Flipping awesome. But whoa. A lot of work. New students, new classes, new school. Starting all over. Gotta prove myself to the administration. That's okay, I don't mind. Trevor is feeling better (Gotta hand-stitch that waistband down.), so I can help him with some of the cooking and cleaning.

Week two. On my prep period getting ready for my last class. (Gotta hand-stitch that waistband down.) I get a call from the ambulance. Trevor is headed to the ER with pain, he is assuming he has kidney stones. Rush back to Niagara. CAT scan.

Yup. Kidney stones.

Need to take care of Trevor again. While he is recuperating, he is preparing for, yup, another interview.

("Tell me, how do you assess your students?")

Cooking, trying to clean enough to make the next meal ("How do you plan a unit?"), while prepping the hubs for the big interview. Not to mention planning for the classes. (His interview was successful, btw.)

Wake up at 5:45, get ready (Gotta hem the skirt.), go to work, come home, clean enough pots and pans, get dinner ready, make sure Trev is okay, eat (Gotta hem the skirt), plan, pass out by 9 (If I'm lucky enough to have everything done by then). Repeat.

What's that? Trev has another interview? Well at least they told him three hours before hand. No time to prep for that.

Plan a semi-formal for 54 students. Plan a field trip for 54 students in the same week. (Whose bright idea was that?)

Get coughed in the face at least 5 times each day.


"What's that? It's Christmas break, you say? Tomorrow is your first official full 24 hours off, you say? Well, here, have a cold. Merry Christmas."


So much has happened in the past six months that I have not even remotely had a chance to share with you. I hope that you can be patient, because some of these things are quite exciting (to me at least).

But more than all this (I'm not complaining, just being factual), I want to wish every one of you a safe and fabulous two thousand fourteen. I hope you sew that dress, make that quilt, pick up that new skill. I hope you plant a fabulous fresh garden. I hope you live lots of adventures, laugh lots, and love even more.

Happy New Year :)

{Just see it.}