Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Holy macanaw!

So life has been more than a little crazy lately. For the past two months, Trevor has been finding a way to collect all sorts of old man illnesses, from shingles to kidney stones. We have been renovating our bathroom (only to find out that we will need to renovate our upstairs bathroom because, hey, the overflow on the bathtub ISN'T CONNECTED TO ANYTHING. I love a good waterfall in my kitchen.), refinishing furniture, try to organize and decorate our house for an upcoming Christmas party, oh, and did I mention, I've got a maternity cover until the end of January? Huzzah!

My house has exploded with things all over. Everything is covered in drywalling dust. I fall asleep at 9pm during the week and 6pm on Fridays. SIX PM ON FRIDAYS.

But somehow, since August, a little something is in the works. Care for a sneak peek? Just promise you won't judge the explosion in the background.

I don't care about pattern placement. Yeah, I'm a rebel.


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