Friday, 12 July 2013

Grow Write Guild Prompt #7: In Bloom

Wait...what?! Number seven? What happened to numbers four, five, and six (and eight and nine)? Well, I'll get there, but I just figure that I might as well start here and then do some catching up. It'll make me feel better doing it this way. Just........don't ask. I'm weird like that. :)

So there are a couple of plants that are currently in bloom out in my garden, but I know which one I would like to write about.

Quite a few years ago when I first started gardening, I was reading Gayla's You Grow Girl and found that a certain plant was mentioned over and over again as being beneficial for gardens. It not only enhanced the flavour of herbs, but it also attracted beneficial insects to the garden. So when I bought my first round of seeds, I made sure to pick up some Yarrow seeds as well.

I  planted that sucker and out it went. I don't really remember much from it that first year, but when we moved the following summer, I remember transplanting it into the new garden. I recall getting excited the first time it bloomed, it was placed by the cauliflower and broccoli, both of which never flowered before winter. We left it there, Trevor and I, when we left to live in England and Quebec, and it was rather small when we left it. We had come back and found that the whole garden plot had been mowed over. No joke. And then we came back a little later, really, like a month later and BOOM. Tons of leafy green foliage all feathered about. And it spread too! So we yanked those suckers out and transplanted them into our flower garden (The garden that I don't feel comfortable growing food in because I keep finding rusty nails in? Yeah...).

Now they are taking off in there.

I've even bought another yarrow to add because I like it so much.

I never really thought that flower gardening was my thing. I mean, they're not really useful, now are they? But, besides the obvious fact that they attract good bugs to help eat all the nasties off my precious food plants, these flowering plants have a calming effect. Especially yarrow because the leaves feel lovely. They are all soft and feathery. So all in all, I'm pretty happy that I bought the seeds, seeing my yarrow come back every year puts a smile on my face.

Have a great week everyone!


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