Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Guess Who's Back?

Ever since I've thought of the name for this post, I've had Eminem stuck in my head. Not exactly my kind of music (well, maybe when I was in grade nine it was). Regardless, I thought I'd share with you.

So now that I've effectively fallen off the face of the blogosphere (and let's face it, the real world too) for one month, I figure I should do a quick update before I start getting caught up in posts (Grow Write Guild, ahem....). To say that April and May were crazy busy is an understatement. I was leaving the house before seven and getting home between ten and midnight on average. And the days that I was off, I was sewing for the play or painting/renovating/organizing my house. Like, non-stop. So, I'm pretty happy that I have some time off now.

Remember those eggs that I was using to grow tomato seeds in? Are you curious as to how well that is going?

 I'd say it is going rather well, non? Well, reality is that it is going even better than this. This was taken almost a month ago! They have since been planted in a project that I'll post sometime in the near future.

The other plant babies have done rather well for themselves also. Just a sneak peek:
The rest of the tomatoes one month ago.

Some beautiful-looking dill
My fav: sage.
Baby asparagus!
They too are currently in the ground outside.

Gardening hasn't been without its failures though. I tried to grow an advocado:
But I killed it when I failed to change the water out everyday. Whoops.

I also planted some really cool corn outside:

Called martian, it was supposed to have yellow kernels and a purple cob! Only one of them started to grow, and that one was killed by a nasty thunderstorm we had about two weeks ago. :(

In sewing news, I have done lots and nothing.

I've sewn a bunch of costumes for the musical that I put on at the end of May, but I have sewn nothing for myself. Hopefully soon something will be in the works though......
Hmmmm....with this maybe?
And finally, in cooking/baking news, I will be taking a little semi-break. I read a really great article by another Niagara blogger all about how food bloggers don't really test their grub anymore before they put it up online for all to see. I will still post recipes, but only after trying it out on numerous friends and family, so they will be smaller in quantity, but higher in quality. Which should be interesting because I'm going back off gluten for a while. Regardless, I'll be spending the most of these next two months gardening and sewing anyways.

And that's everything! Glad to be back. Things will still be a little busy, but definitely not like before, so you're stuck with me now. Sucker.

Now go out and enjoy this nice weather!

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