Sunday, 10 July 2016

One year.

It has been a year tomorrow since our niece came into this world, and although it took me until last September to have her literal "birth day" quilt done (two months late), I managed to get her first birthday present done in much less time (and on time for her party!).
You may recognize the fabric and pattern from the dress I made for my cousin's little girl back in January. The fabric I bought at my favourite local quilt fabric store, Modern Bee, and the pattern is the Georgia Twirl Dress.
Not a ton of changes for this, but I did make the same size as last time, 3T, so that Henley can grow into it. I overheard mom complaining about snaps on baby clothes, so I swapped out the snaps on this one for a nice big orangey-red button that I got from a bunch of vintage notions my sister gave me.
Instead of making the two layers of skirt different lengths, I went ahead and make both layers the same so the dress could be reversible. We really wanted one side to be cutesy.....
....and the other side to be badass.
I used the same Force Awakens First Order fabric as the inside of one of my Portsides.
I finished the dress by basting the skirts together and binding the two layers with some vintage bias binding (also from Jamie). I thought it would be a nice way to ensure that the skirt doesn't fly open, but it would also allow the dress to be put on very quickly and easily with a squirming toddler.
Trev and I are really happy with how it turned out and my sister and brother in law seemed to like it, so another baby dress FTW!

What have you been sewing?
{On Repeat.}

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