Saturday, 2 April 2016

Portside Take Two (and Three)

As promised, I am back to report on my second and third versions of the Portside Travel Set by Grainline Studio. As I mentioned in the post for the first version, there are a number of problems with the pattern, but don't let that deter you from picking it up. Even with those wee mistakes, it is easy enough to fix up as you go to make a beautiful version for yourself.
I decided to make my sister and her boyfriend *almost* matching versions for Christmas. Yes, Christmas 2015. Yes, I just finished these last weekend. Shut up.
I went with some home dec fabric from my local Fabricland. I wanted something that was classic and that would suit both of them, hence settling on the grey and plaid.
I tried to match the plaid as much as I could, cutting everything extra carefully. I think it turned out quite well. For Darren's version, I omitted the zipper pulls. I figured that would be the best way for them to distinguish between the bags from the outside.
I did the same thing for my previous bag in terms of using the self fabric in place of the webbing when attached to the bag directly. I didn't realize how good of a choice this was at first... my machine tried to eat the webbing and thread for the long strap. I bought my webbing from AGraffSupplies on Etsy. I fussed with it multiple times, trying different needles, threads, settings, etc., and ended up stitching these mofos by hand. Not really worth the extra time in my opinion, but it does make it look "store bought" a good way.
I was careful not to stitch the side pockets down like last time. The only other change I made was to the interfacing layout. I was sure to interface everything on the outer shell of the bag with the exception of the pockets and straps. Again, as mentioned previously, the directions on the pattern piece do not say to cut out interfacing for a few pieces that should be interfaced, hence my mentioning this.

Here's Jamie's version with the zipper pulls:
I omitted the pulls on Shanen's version (v.1), but seeing them on Jamie's, I think I actually rather like the subtle touch they add to the bag. For the leather, I used some scraps off a beaten up leather jacket I bought at the thrift store with sewing use in mind.
Again, I used the double tabbed zipper. I wish it were metal, but I like that you can put a lock on it when travelling.

I added a half inch to the top contrast pattern piece of the pouch and everything lined up MUCH better than previous versions. I suggest you do the same.
Other than that, the only change I made was to Jamie's because the zipper I bought wouldn't accommodate the wide leather tabs. So I improvised.
Now, you are probably thinking, That's it? I mean you did say *almost* the same, but some zipper tabs? Really? Well, no, that it not the only thing that makes these *almost* different.

That's right, different linings! Eeeee! I had SO much fun picking out the lining fabrics. Darren's fabric was picked up in Hamilton by Shanen, who knew I was looking to buy this Force Awakens fabric. The dog fabric was a gift from a co-worker last year that I had been saving up to make something special with.
 I made some changes to the dopp kitt that helped out a lot. First, and most importantly, I took the top piece of the dopp kitt (pattern piece 14), and added a half inch to the height and one inch to the length. Adding the extra height helped the two top pieces and zip line up with the side pieces MUCH better.
 Adding to the width helped accommodate my zipper a bit better, but this time the sides, instead of coming up short, were a bit too long, when lined up with the front and back pieces. I also had a bit of weird stretching going on, though, so this may not have helped that. Easy fix, though, as I just had to trim off a bit of the bottom.

Additionally, I interfaced the outer front pocket pieces, but not the lining piece. Again, directions weren't super clear on this when looking at pattern piece cutting directions, pictures in the instructions, and cutting layout within the instructions, so I made my own mind up and just stuck with it. I also used the lining fabric for the lining piece instead of the contrast fabric as asked. I like it better this way.

Overall, I am just as pleased, if not more so, than the first version I made. Things lined up better, the interfacing was where it should be, and it looks really professional. It took ages (mostly cutting everything out so it matched up), but it was well worth it. I have a fourth one sitting upstairs for Trev, but there is no rush on that one, so I get to take a break with some selfish sewing for the next little while! My sewjo is high and I am excited about what I will get to put together next, as I begin working through my fabric stash once and for all.
I know I've asked before, but have you made the Portside? What do you think about the changes I mentioned? Did you have as much fun picking out fabrics as I did? Please share! :)


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